About me

Hi, I am Jerry, also known as Raeexpe. I’m just a random dude on the Internet who likes tech stuff!

At the time of writing, I’m 17. My pronouns are he/him and they/them (more information here, external link). I’m Vietnamese and have lived in Vietnam my entire life.

I like coding, studying linguistics, and enjoy exploring things in general.

I’m fluent in Vietnamese, English, and Russian, and learning Chinese, Turkish, and Japanese. My goal is to learn as many languages as possible, starting with the ones this website currently supports!

I’m still a student, but occasionally I volunteer to localize apps/sites! Notable projects include Telegram, Minecraft (Bedrock), Space Launch Now, etc. Almost all were from English to Vietnamese, with some contributions in the languages I know.

My favorite game genres are rhythm games and open-world adventures. Specifically, I enjoy osu!, A Dance of Fire and Ice, Minecraft and Genshin Impact.

Feel free to contact me, here are my socials!